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At BMA, the strategic management of training and racing is a cornerstone of our approach, aimed at optimizing each athlete's potential for success. Firmly committed to the advantages of periodized training, we emphasize sufficient rest and comprehensive preparation over a mere pursuit of races. Athletes engage in on-snow training for 35 to 45+ days during the summer and early fall to adequately prepare for the upcoming season.

Burkies actively participate in competitions throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Europe and South America. In addition to on-snow training and competition, we implement effective year-round dryland training, closely monitored through physical testing.

In the fall, athletes undergo a physical testing assessment in the initial days of school, with continuous monitoring throughout the year. Many of our athletes actively participate in our men’s and women’s soccer teams each fall, engaging in practices and competing in an average of six games against other Vermont high school varsity teams. Traditional dryland workouts encompass various activities, including Olympic lifting, field circuits, timed hikes, mountain biking, dirt road and trail runs, as well as core and balance routines.

Burkies actively seek variety in both on- and off-snow training to confront challenges that contribute to reaching their full potentials. We invite you to witness some of our favorite workouts, and we believe you'll be impressed.

2023-24 Sport Plan