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In BMA's full-year academy program, students embody the ethos that academic motivation, self-discipline, maturity, and self-responsibility are indispensable skills for lifelong success. The program spans two semesters over nine months, during which students cultivate a robust foundation through an innovative and demanding college preparatory curriculum. Simultaneously, they engage in training for elite levels of athletic competition.

BMA's students exhibit curiosity and dedication to learning. They demonstrate focus, embrace diligent effort, strive to achieve their goals, and adeptly manage demanding daily schedules. Within this environment, they foster a sense of purpose within a positive, close-knit community built on trust, equipping them for the challenges that lie ahead beyond Burke.


For high-performing athletes aspiring to compete at regional, national, and international levels in ski racing, our individualized competition schedules strategically target specific races, ensuring comprehensive athlete preparation and fostering heightened confidence and success.

The FIS training year commences in June with a preparatory camp, during which athletes receive customized summer conditioning programs to optimize off-season gains. On-snow training begins in August, building upon technical groundwork laid in June. In September, as the school year starts, athletes engage in our world-class dry land program, featuring weight lifting, circuit training, soccer, mountain biking, gymnastics, interval training, and running. Transitioning into the race preparation phase during our November camp positions our athletes for strong performances in December competitions.

BMA's U18/U21 athletes actively participate in USSA, regional FIS, FIS-University, NorAm, and international races throughout the competition season.

Coaches: For contact information and biographies available here.


The BMA environment for U16 athletes is grounded in three key components integral to our overarching philosophy:

  1. An expanded opportunity for alpine ski racing and training
  2. A robust academic core
  3. Active involvement in the broader BMA community

We extend our full-year academy program (mid-August to early June) to U16 athletes in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

Beyond the racing season, U16 athletes are strongly encouraged to participate in two to three preparatory camps during the summer and fall. The June and August camps prioritize directed free skiing, technical fundamentals, and skill acquisition. The third camp, held in Colorado in early November, serves as the commencement of the traditional season and incorporates technical refinement along with tactical gate training.

During the season, our athletes engage in competition within the Northern Vermont Council of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association. Successful performances can lead to qualification for regional and national US Ski and Snowboard projects and events such as Eastern Championships, Can-Am/Am-Can, and U16 National Championships.

See more detailed explanations of all our program offerings here.


Warren Samuels
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid



Kyle Darling
Head Coach

Christian Herzog
Ali Spencer


Brennan Smith
Head Coach

Will Kloman

Max McVey
Matilde Nelles
Jeff Sirjane


Thomas Erhard
Head Coach

Shelbie  Osak
Kraig Sourbeer
Matt Wilson