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Students in BMA's Full Year Academy program embrace the ethos that academic motivation, self-discipline, maturity, and self-responsibility are essential skills that will sustain them throughout their lives. Our Full Year program consists of two semesters of study for nine months. During this time, students develop a strong foundation through an innovative and rigorous college preparatory curriculum while simultaneously training for the highest levels of athletic competition. 

BMA's students are curious learners. They are focused, embrace hard work, push to reach their goals, and each manages tight daily schedules. Here, they develop a sense of purpose in a positive, close-knit community based on trust, preparing them to take their next steps beyond Burke.


For high-performing athletes looking to compete at the upper levels of regional, national, and international ski racing. Our individualized competition schedules are specifically designed to target certain races to ensure each athlete is fully prepared, contributing to high levels of confidence and success.

The FIS training year starts in June with a preparation period camp at which athletes receive an individualized summer conditioning program to maximize their gains in the off-season. In August, athletes begin on-snow training to build on technical work started in June. September marks the start of the school year and our world class dry land program that includes weight lifting, circuit training, soccer, mountain biking, gymnastics, interval training, and running. At our November camp, we move into the race preparation phase which sets our athletes up for strong results during December competition.

BMA U18/U21 athletes compete in USSA, regional FIS, FIS-University, NorAm, and international races during the competition season.

Coaches: For contact information and biographies available here.


The BMA environment for U16 athletes has three components that are central to our overarching philosophy:

  • An expanded opportunity for alpine ski racing and training
  • A strong academic core
  • Involvement in the larger BMA community

We offer our full year academy program (mid August-early June) to U16 athletes in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

In addition to the racing season, U16 athletes are encouraged to participate in two to three preparatory camps in the summer and fall. Our June and August camps focus on directed free skiing, technical fundamentals, and skill acquisition. Our third camp — held in Colorado in early November —marks the beginning of the traditional season and also incorporates technical refinement and tactical gate training.

In season, our athletes compete in the Northern Vermont Council of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association, from which they can qualify to regional and national US Ski and Snowboard projects and races like Eastern Championships, Can-Am/Am-Can, and U16 National Championships.

See more detailed explanations of all our program offerings here.


Warren Samuels
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid



Kyle Darling
Head Coach

Christian Herzog
Ali Spencer


Brennan Smith
Head Coach

Will Kloman

Matilde Nelles
Max McVey
Jeff Sirjane


Thomas Erhard
Head Coach

Shelbie  Osak
Kraig Sourbeer
Matt Wilson