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52nd Graduation Ceremony of Burke Mountain Academy: Honoring the Class of 2023

On Sunday, June 4, Burke Mountain Academy proudly celebrated its 52nd Graduation Ceremony, marking a significant milestone in honoring the achievements of the Class of 2023.

Head of School Willy Booker '96 warmly welcomed the students and guests, acknowledging the collective effort that contributed to the graduates' success. Addressing the students, Booker started by welcoming them into the esteemed fraternity of BMA alumni and expressed gratitude to all who supported them on their journey. He remarked, "They have uplifted and challenged you throughout the years, both in the classroom and on the hill. Together, you have shared moments of great success and forged lifelong friendships."

2023 Graduation Address

The Graduation Address was delivered by Jonathan Gerkin, a dedicated educator, and esteemed English and Literature teacher at Burke Mountain Academy. Reflecting on the senior class, Gerkin shared, "The curiosity and engagement of this class have struck me since our first day together." He underscored the graduates' unwavering determination and emphasized the value of hard work, stating, "Nothing good comes without hard work and the willingness to push through the pain. We all know that the coward will die many deaths. None of the graduates that sit before you will face that fate. They have risked all to find out how far they can go in their sport day after day."

A heartfelt celebration, the 2023 Graduation Ceremony embodied the spirit of BMA as the 16 members of the Class of 2023 confidently stepped onto the stage to receive their diplomas from a classmate or family member who delivered a speech filled with memories and meaningful stories capturing each graduate's unique path. 

We are honored to celebrate the achievements of these remarkable individuals who have excelled in their academic pursuits and demonstrated exceptional skill, dedication, and resilience in ski racing. Their achievements are sure to serve as an inspiration for future generations of Burkies.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2023! We invite you to enjoy photos from this memorable event.

Graduation photo gallery

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