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Burke Mountain Academy

It’s the people of BMA who make 50 years so special.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making our 50-ish Anniversary Celebration an absolute blast! We couldn't have asked for a more amazing weekend, filled with incredible memories and cherished moments. You all made it truly magical! 

Thank you for joining us in celebrating the remarkable legacy of Burke Mountain Academy. It was an unforgettable weekend; we hope the pride you feel for this special place will stay with you well into the future.

We welcomed an incredible 500 guests to BMA, and you wholeheartedly embraced the moment (rain or shine!). Saturday night, in particular, left a lasting impression, reinforcing our belief in the profound impact of Burke Mountain Academy. The inspiring words from our Keynote Speakers, Ben Roy '02, and Parker Biele '17, served as a reminder of the individual journeys undertaken by every Burkie in pursuit of their dreams and how BMA continues to be a guiding force throughout. It was a heartfelt celebration as the crowd roared in honor of our former and current staff, offered a standing ovation to the Burkies from the formative years of the 70s, and eagerly looked ahead to the promising future of BMA.

From Friday night's bonfire to Saturday's panel discussions on women in sport, the future of ski racing, the achievements of our entrepreneurial leaders, and our faculty and staff reflections, we were able to reminisce about our time at BMA and appreciate this special place and our experiences even more. We would be remiss to overlook one of our favorite moments when over thirty Burkies showed up Saturday morning to run the 1.75! Some things never change.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt thanks for being an integral part of making our 50-ish Anniversary celebration an outstanding success. Cheers to 50-ish years!

Celebrating 50 Years of Burke Mountain Academy