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Burke Mountain Academy



BMA develops students into leaders by giving them responsibility and holding them accountable. From executing small on campus jobs to being able to travel internationally for training and competitions, Burkies accept their role within the community and also expect to be held responsible while endeavoring outside of it.

Our boarding students reside in one of five dormitories and the majority have at least one roommate, but even day students contribute significantly to campus life while enjoying meals in our dining hall and serving as active community members. Our nearly 30-acre campus, including five academic buildings, a library, dining hall, ski storage and tuning facility, and the Glover Training Center, extends to the Burke Mountain Resort and nearby multi-use Kingdom Trails.


Most people are capable of so much more than they think they are. When students choose to come to Burke, they choose not to be most people. Burke's students and faculty come from all over the world to train with and learn from the best. Very few experiences in life will show you what you're made of, like the Burke Experience. 

The BMA Handbook reflects the core values of the school, and it is a crucial part of understanding what it means to be part of our community. As such, every student at Burke Mountain Academy is required to read and abide by the information presented in it.

Student Handbook 2022-23

BMA requires each student to assume a job assignment on campus. Whether it’s emptying the trash, cleaning dining hall tables or mopping the floors, no matter how menial the job may be, everyone understands it is essential to community living. Residential life on campus promotes an environment in which students help one another with schoolwork, taking on self-assigned tutoring responsibilities, without even being asked. The same is true in the weight room – encouraging each other is The BMA Way.

Throughout the year, we create opportunities for our student-athletes to assume new and challenging responsibilities as a means to strengthen personal character as well as to give back to the local community. Sixty Burke students recently participated in a community-wide effort to assist the Burke Conservation Commission’s planting of 400 trees to serve as vegetated buffers along the East Branch of the Passumpsic River.

Video by Sam Cowan ’11

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The BMA community prides itself on the commitment of each member to uphold the values that make our school unique. We are most grateful for your commitment and support in all of our initiatives.

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