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Burke Mountain Academy



The mission at Burke Mountain Academy extends far beyond ski racing and academics. We strive to foster the values that students will take with them beyond BMA – a lifelong commitment to excellence, passionate effort in every endeavor, and a deep sense of the importance of contribution to community.

We believe a community that promotes trust, respect, and responsibility over simply enforcing a set of rules provides the best environment in which young student-athletes can flourish. It is this strong sense of community and its values that set us apart from other athletic and academic institutions, and it is present in everything we do.

All Burke Mountain Academy community members agree to live by the standards and expectations of our unique honor code and commit to integrating the BMA Way into their daily lives on and off campus. Trust allows each Burkie to develop positive relationships with classmates, faculty and staff and is a necessary character value for acceptance and growth in the BMA community.

BMA's philosophy and community values have provided a strong foundation for Burke Mountain Academy since its earliest years. These values have been supported by generations of students and staff, providing both with the strongest possible opportunities to work and grow together. 

Community Values 


Burke Mountain Academy is a community based on trust.

As a member of this community, I understand that we all live together. I promise to respect and be courteous to every member of the BMA community, students as well as staff. I also understand that signing the Honor Code means accepting the responsibility to address acts that violate it.

I pledge my support of and accept the standards, expectations, and rules of Burke Mountain Academy, as articulated in the Student Handbook. As a BMA student, I agree to live by these standards, expectations, and rules, whether on the BMA campus, at a BMA-sponsored activity, or on trips or in competitions that reflect upon Burke Mountain Academy

I recognize that my personal commitment to support these standards, expectations, and rules contributes to the strength, openness and trust of the entire BMA community.