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Burke Mountain Academy


Burke Mountain Academy's college-preparatory academic program instills the confidence to take intellectual risks and the passion for pursuing lifelong learning.

The Academic Experience

Project-based and experiential learning shape our distinctive educational model. Our academic calendar and curriculum seamlessly complement students' athletic schedules, fostering inquisitive and bright minds while pursuing ski racing goals. What sets us apart is our nimbleness in bringing our academic setting and dedicated teachers to travel with our students worldwide. Whether it's immersing in our fall mini-courses, embracing spring place-based academics, pursuing independent studies, or leveraging our mountainside campus as a dynamic learning space, BMA's curriculum knows no boundaries.

Fundamental principles of our academic program include:

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity

  • Developing critical skills

  • Building content and conceptual understanding

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Ida Sargent '06
Academic Director / STEAM Teacher