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Burke Mountain Academy


Students at BMA value learning for learning’s sake and hold themselves accountable for their learning outcomes. Our curriculum fosters curiosity allowing students to embrace a path of lifelong learning. At Burke, we follow a trimester-based calendar with year-long courses. 

Our fall and spring trimesters offer a rigorous schedule with classes meeting four times per week for either 50 or 75 minutes. During the winter trimester, classes meet three times per week and include more independent, inquiry-driven, project-based learning. Students typically take five classes per year with the standard four-year course progression shown below. There are ample opportunities along the way, though, for students to individualize their learning and course sequence. Elective offerings vary yearly, but recent offerings include Current Affairs, Creative Writing, Data Science, Modern Science Research, Modern European History, Environmental Studies, and Art. 

Burke students are encouraged to choose topics of interest and drive their learning with a rich curriculum focusing on critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.

2022-23 Course Catalog 





Academic Director / STEM Teacher