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Burke Mountain Academy


Empowering Lifelong Learners

At Burke Mountain Academy, our college-preparatory academic program fosters a passion for lifelong learning. Our expert faculty, 100% holding Master's Degrees or higher, is deeply committed to our students' success.

With an average class size of eight, BMA leverages an individualized approach to education. We focus on engaging students and empowering them to be partners in their educational journey. Here, students learn how to solve problems and think creatively in an academic environment that encourages exploration, growth, and the pursuit of knowledge.


Firmly rooted in project-based and experiential learning, our curriculum is constantly refined, reflecting our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing a rich and challenging course of study to empower each student. Using small classes and strong relationships between students and faculty, we strive toward character development goals, work ethic, and lifelong intellectual curiosity.

Course Catalog 2023-24



Academic Director / STEM Teacher