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Burke Mountain Academy


Burke Mountain Academy’s college-preparatory academic program is designed to instill both the confidence to take intellectual risks and the passion to pursue them both here and in the journey of life beyond our campus. The academic calendar and curriculum flow complements the athletic calendar, developing curious and bright minds while in pursuit of ski racing goals.

The academic component of our educational philosophy seeks to develop a personal commitment to lifelong learning. Three fundamental principles define our academic program:

  • Stimulating intellectual curiosity
  • Developing critical skills
  • Building content and conceptual understanding

The academic experience at Burke is based on the liberal arts and is rooted in rigor to help teach the virtue of hard work. Our curriculum is constantly being refined, reflecting our dedication to innovation and our commitment to providing a rich and challenging course of study to empower our students. Character development and lifelong intellectual curiosity are the ambitious destinations toward which we navigate; small classes sized for quality and tutorials are how we steer.