Headmaster's Welcome

It is truly an exciting time to be part of Burke Mountain Academy. Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to explore all that BMA has to offer.
BMA was founded when highly motivated young ski racers pleaded with BMA founder Warren Witherell to provide them the opportunity to pursue their passion for ski racing and provide the necessary academic support.  This remains our reason for being: creating an outstanding environment that delivers an incredible experience for student athletes who wish to dedicate themselves to being the best they can be, to carry over their dedication to skiing to the classroom and to do so with commitment to character and values. All of this is done in a community based on trust.
Every school in the United States would love to limit class size and attract students as well as faculty who are highly motivated and excited about learning. BMA’s academic strength stems from the fact that 100% of our faculty have master’s degrees and teach in their specific areas of expertise.  Our exceptional college placement is a reflection of our students challenging themselves in a rigorous academic environment. However, their college, post-graduate and professional records are even more significant.
BMA’s athletic edge is based on an exceptional work ethic, a concentration of talented young athletes, a strong and experienced coaching staff and the best training environment in the United States.  Our distinct competitive advantage is the result of our smaller school size, outstanding ski rights and superior training venue.  It shows in our skiing results and the impressive number of Burkies on the US and other National Ski Teams. 
What truly distinguishes BMA from all other ski academies is our trust-based community that emphasizes character and values.  We take great pride in the degree of leadership demonstrated by our student body and their commitment to reciprocal trust.  Each student-athlete assumes the role and responsibilities of being a member of the BMA community, which promotes leadership qualities and mutual respect for one another.
By placing our strategic emphasis on the core values of BMA, limiting our school size and attracting outstanding student-athletes with a passion for ski racing, we continually strengthen our program from a qualitative perspective in the classroom, on the hill and in our community.  What distances BMA from all other ski academies is our strength in academics, skiing and our emphasis on character values.
We are proud of our school and imbued with optimism for the future. 
Kirk Dwyer
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Burke Continues a Tradition of Athletic Excellence
Since 1970, over 130 BMA graduates raced as members of the U.S. Ski Team and Canadian Ski Team as well as other National Teams. Over 30 BMA graduates competed in over 50 Olympic events with BMA represented in every Winter Olympics since its founding, in addition to countless Alpine and Nordic World Cup events.
Burke's College Placement Record is Remarkable
As the first sports academy in the U.S., BMA is a fully-accredited, college preparatory high school located on Burke Mountain. It provides passionate ski racers the opportunity to pursue their limitless potential on skis and in the classroom in a community based on trust.
BMA is the most successful program of its kind in North America.
BMA student-athletes hold hard work in high esteem and believe risking failure and learning from success are exceptional preparations for life beyond Burke.  99% of BMA graduates pursue their higher education goals at highly selective colleges.